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    "Amixi de Boggiasco" an international folkloric group will make their first U.S. appearance at the Italian Festival and Columbus Day Parade.

    Seaside Heights, NJ - The Ocean County Columbus Day Parade Committee is pleased to announce that the special guest entertainment for the 23nd Annual Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival will be "Amixi de Boggiasco". They are a folkloric group of singers and dancers from the small town of Boggiasco, which is located between Genoa and Portofino, Italy. This will be the musical groups first U.S. appearance. The Parade and Italian Festival will take place in Seaside Heights during the weekend of October 10th through the 12th.

    "We are celebrating our 23nd year, the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival has emerged as one of the most popular ethnic cultural festivals in the state," said Committee Chairman Michael Blandina. "As we have for the past sixteen years, we are bringing in a special group of talented people from the old Country to add an authentic spirit of Italian heritage and culture to these events. This year it is our honor to have with us the folkloric group "Amixi de Boggiasco" from Boggiasco, Liguria Italy".

    Chairman Blandina credits John Giavatto, International Relations Co-Chairman for the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival Committee, with continuing to arrange for groups like "Amixi de Boggiasco" to attend the iconic Seaside Heights cultural festival.

    "The Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival is the culmination of an extraordinary amount of selfless work and dedication by a small group of volunteers who are the heart and soul of the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival Committee," said Chairman Blandina. "The group of volunteers grows to more then 50 during the weekend festivities. I cannot thank them enough for their energy and enthusiasm for making this Parade and Italian Festival a reality year after year."

    "Amixi de Boggiasco" consists of more than 25 experienced professionals, divided between singers, dancers and musicians, all with long experience in folklore, brought together by the same love and interest for their culture. Their performances are emphasized by their costumes which are typical of their region and take us back to every day life at the end of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX century. The group has performed throughout Italy and Europe. They come to Ocean County and the United States for only their first time at the invitation of the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival.

    The repertoire of the group is composed of songs, chosen among the most representative of the dialectal tradition of Liguria. With the music and dancing representing many areas of the region. The musical accompaniment is made by accordions, guitars as well as handmade instruments like harness-bells, spoons and strange little wooden boxes. When the little boxes are beat on they evocate horses that are trampling, when in the old days they pulled coaches. There is also one other instrument called the "tranvaletti", "zonzuri" or in the Neapolitan dialect the "caccavella". They are tambourines with a hole in the middle. A small stick is also a part of this instrument and when it is placed through the hole a particular musical sound is produced.

    There is still time to get involved with the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival. The organizing committee is still seeking groups and organizations to participate in the Parade. Participation in the Parade is free. The committee is also seeking sponsors for the numerous bands that march in the parade. To volunteer to help the committee or for more information please contact Chairman Michael Blandina at 732-477-6507.